We are an experienced team of sports professionals at all levels (professional, national, college/university, community) of the game. Collectively our leadership team has more than 50 years in coaching, managing, and scouting roles,  along with providing education and advice to some of the best young athletes in Canada.  While our experience speaks for itself, it is the passion to help young athletes navigate the confusing process beyond youth soccer that is the driving force behind the B.A.R. Sports Academy. We have pulled together some of the most respected industry professionals to share their knowledge in an advisory and/or teaching capacity. 

Football Team Coach


Every student athlete has a different journey to achieve their goals and to that end, the B.A.R Sports Academy applies a holistic approach to educating and supporting players and parents throughout the process. This is achieved by offering a range of courses that focus on the person, the student, and the athlete. All of these areas are important and require attention and development to optimize the student athlete’s chance to not only be recruited, but also get success as a varsity athlete and beyond.